Monday, October 6, 2008

7th October 2008

Good morning, afternoon, evening (depends on when ur reading this) ... and if u are reading it, leave some comments yaar... it feels good to know someone is actually checking the posts out and enjoying them. Would help the enthusiasm when looking for new stuff.. that out of the way.. lets get straight to the fun stuff ---> After years of research, car manufacturers finally hit upon the perfect seatbelt combination .... and here it is:

Now men will be free to drive how the want without constant instructions :) ... ur driving slow, ur driving fast, ur cutting the corners too close, ur not giving indicators, and on and on and on and on and on..... u get the point!!

And then there is this one about Rudolph... a slight twist from the whole carol...

LOL... take that u mean reindeers !!!!

And the last one for today..
....ttttttttthhhhhhhaaaaaatttttsssss all folks!!!

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being purple... said...

Suchint, I'm the one who's the lawyer and who's planning a life change - re: Nat's blog. And more than anything else, I love coming here. It makes me smile.

Thank you.