Tuesday, October 14, 2008

14th October 2008

I've just come back after spending over 4 hours in the Pune Court!! ARRRRGGGGHHH!! I'm fried beyond words... so puttin up todays posts are gonna be thereputic for me :) ... here goes: lets start off with some anti terrorist training:

Wish it was actually this easy na? One nice big GPL (gaand pe laat for those of you not familliar with the shortform :P )

And here is a confidential picture of the new missile launcher being developed in Afghanistan. Very cost effective but painfull as hell... painfull to whom?? Take a look ----->


And to wrap things up for today, a nice lil one bout old people...

Chalo... thats all I have for today.. tomo I'm gonna be taking the pants of blog writers (me included) so make sure u log on .... :)

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being purple... said...

1. The joke about the missile launcher - NOT funny. Animal torture is NOT appreciated.

2. The one about AI air hostesses - ditto. Sexist, ageist jokes NOT appreciated.

Please to be being p.c.