Tuesday, September 30, 2008

October 1st 2008

Since tomorrow is a holiday, I wont be updating the blog and so today I'll be putting up more than the usual (yay!! wooohooooo!!!! mini wave in celebration of ME!!) ... LOL ... but seriously, the feedback i'm getting about the blog is super to hear. A cousin told me yesterday that he logs on to the blog everytime he's out of a meeting and is majorly pissed off... reading the blog makes him cool down.. which I think is just the reason why I decided to start this off.. to make everyone's stress a lil less... ok... now thats the end of the sermon... lets get back to why we're here:

LOL ... OUCH!!!!
Another simple yet funny as hell strip!!

.... this one could've worked in my singns of times to come section as well... but found it a lil late.. anyhoo... i love bechara santa's expression in this one.. he's like... waaaaaaaaaattttt????

Now u know why the trans 'vs all seem to be at Mumbai's signals (now in pune as well btw) ... more scope for *showing their talents* or *showcasing themselves* .......

And finally, lets hear it for Mc'Cain .. this one's pretty much perfect with regards to the mans desperate policies to keep Obama out...

.... tttttttthhhhats all folks...... :)

Monday, September 29, 2008

Sept 30th 2008

Who said comics/cartoons only had to make you laugh? Here are some that will tickle ur funny bone but at the same time make u think about where the world is heading .... I call it "the sign of times to come" .....

And there will be a time when cell phones will actually have a menu like the one below.. but till then, let's have a laugh at the iphones expense... (i by the way think the Iphone is majorly hyped, and defi not worth the ridiculous prices they're charging in India for it)

And finally.. something thats already happening... heres a funny one bout the melting ice (oh.. by the way, if you havent watched the inconvinient truth, u just have to...)


Sunday, September 28, 2008

Sept 29th 2008

Yup... another monday and another dose of monday morning blues is upon us... but fear not... for I have some good ones in store for you today... the other day it was about when a reindeer went bad .. today it's about when Santa goes bad... or something like that...

This next one is something all the guys I grew up with in Mct would identify with... esp those who are still in that part of the world... though I know things have changed a LOT lately... but still, the humour hits home....

And to wrap things up for today... heres a brilliant ad.. funny as hell.. maybe you might have seen it earlier.. its something I'd seen a while back.. but incase you havent watched it yet, you'll defi enjoy it ...

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Sept 27th 2008

Good day to u.. I hope u actually have been having fun logging onto my blog everyday (or every other day) and found something thats made you smile.. So without further ado.. here's the first of the day :)

Ever been on a diet? I sure have and this next strip is somethign anyone who has been on a diet will identify with... we've all tried cheating on our diets in ways that we wouldn't get caught or we'd not feel bad about...

So... what did u eat today?? I had a "salad" ... LOL

Ever wondered what it'd be like when one of Santa's reindeers went bad?? yeah yeah... i know.. weird question... its not something i'd ever thought of till one of my friends send this next strip to me... Take a look ...
Thats all folks.. have a great weekend ahead and I'll be back to posting new stuff monday morning .... :)

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Sept 26th 2008

The first one today has to do with one of the most amazingly idiotic people to have ever walked the earth.. I mean.. this guy is so daft, it amazes me how he manages to ever get anything done.. nonono.. wait.. he doesn't manage to get anything done actually... heres to DUBYA!!

Whoever wrote the caption to this picture is a Genius!! Dont u agree??

And heres another Bizzaro strip thats super... in a time of school and college dropouts (yes yes, I know bill gates dropped out but not everyone invents Windows now do they??)

And to wrap up.. here's my fave pig in the whole world...... heres one from Pearls b4 Swine... (Stephen Pastis... u r brilliant!!)

Sept 25th 2008 - Again

I normally won't be putting up a joke on this blog unless its something absolutely hillarious which I feel I must share ... and this is one I happened to find in my gmail archives... funniest joke I've ever read... here goes:

An old Parsee Mafia "Don" is dying and he calls his grandson to his bed.

"Samaj. Ai ley for you my chrome plated 38 revolver so you always remember me."

"But, Bawaji, I really don't like guns. How about you leave me tamaru Rolex watch instead?"

"Chutia, shutup and listen. Some day you have to run maru business.

You will have a fatakro bairi, lots of money, a big home and may be a couple of chau mau.

Some day you come home and see your fatakro bairi in a bed with some other chutmarino.

Bhadva, what you will do then? ... Point to your watch and say, "Time up"?

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Sept 25th 2008

Found some really funny stuff yesterday.. the first is something very relevant to the current market scene around the USofA and the world in general...

And heres one which is typical of any election campaign....

And to wrap things up in todays blog.. heres a strip which I think was drawn by someone who was sitting in the office at the time D'bhai Ambani was giving worldly gyaan to his lil one...

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Sept 24th 2008

This one is acutally quite perfect to the Indian context what with the Population going up up n up every second of every day...
oh...but a lot of Indians are vegetarians and we don't get storks easily here either.. so there u go.. theres the ans to why our Population refuses to stay down... :)

I like the strip below coz I always wonder what animals would do if they were in our place... what they'd say, how they'd be... I mean, I think of that every time I'm around my adorable cocker spaniel Cookie!! She's so smart and understands multiple languages incl English, Hindi, Kutchi, and smithereens of Tamil as well. Thats more than how many I understand .. GO FIGURE!!

Monday, September 22, 2008

23rd Sept 2008

Good day to all the TWO people who actually are gonna be logging onto my blog today :) ... This one is another fave of mine... since i did a bit of woman bashing the other day, I think its only fair to bajao men as well.. me included... read the strip and u'll know exactly what I'm talking about :)

LOL... typically male right? I admit, we do over emphasise the smallest of help that we might give in the home ... !!!

And here's conclusive and mathematical proof that women/girls are evil!! Yup, u read it right... mathematical proof.. take a look

And finally, i'd like to end with a Calvin and Hobbes strip. Calvin and Hobbes is just fantastic. I think it ties in first place with Pearls B4 Swine in my all time faves. This one gives a ironic twist to suicide...

21nd Sept 2008

The weekend is gone and monday morning blues are hitting me hard just as they must be hitting you.. So heres some more nutty stuff to beat the blues just a lil bit...

hahahahahahahahahaha.... (wipe tears rolling down cheeks) .... hahahahahahahahahaha

Like they always say... better think and then wish.. coz u never know in what way ur wish will come true... LOL .... see ya tomo... cheers!!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Sept 19th 2008 - Part Deux

Two hillarious comic strips from the East .... Who said aliens have goto be scary and destructive? They can be funny as hell if u check these out --->

Thursday, September 18, 2008

19th September 2008

This one is a hillarious video.. shows american hypocrisy...

Also.. heres another brilliant cartoon

I think this knocks home the point (apart from the obvious) that in India, for some godforsaken reason, anyone who is even remotely in the illusion that he/she is a celeb, wants to wear sunglasses all the time... In a disco... at night... with almost all the lights out!!! I mean.. WTF??? Makes me go back to the time I'd gone to Indore for training as a Rj... and the night RJ there was sitting in the studio.. (this is at 10pm) and doing a show.. with his sunglasses on. When asked why.. he said it made him feel like he was really cool!! again... WTF????????

18th Sept 2008

I'm starting this blog basically to make a collection of comic strips that I see over the net and or other funny sings that I see around me... its amazing how much humour is there around us ... I hope everyone who sees this enjoys what I put up. Today I'm putting up a hillarious strip from Pearls before Swine (which is one of my all time fave's) ...

I'm sure anyone who's ever been in a relationship will agree that guys are basically the one's who are in Pig's position .. and thats why I'n not counting on too many women liking the above strip. Well.. since I'm already on the bad side of the fairer sex... here's another one ....

Opinions anyone?? :)