Thursday, September 18, 2008

19th September 2008

This one is a hillarious video.. shows american hypocrisy...

Also.. heres another brilliant cartoon

I think this knocks home the point (apart from the obvious) that in India, for some godforsaken reason, anyone who is even remotely in the illusion that he/she is a celeb, wants to wear sunglasses all the time... In a disco... at night... with almost all the lights out!!! I mean.. WTF??? Makes me go back to the time I'd gone to Indore for training as a Rj... and the night RJ there was sitting in the studio.. (this is at 10pm) and doing a show.. with his sunglasses on. When asked why.. he said it made him feel like he was really cool!! again... WTF????????

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Endless Randomness said...

Thank God none of you did that.. though come to think of it, each one of you had your own unique quirks :P