Saturday, September 27, 2008

Sept 27th 2008

Good day to u.. I hope u actually have been having fun logging onto my blog everyday (or every other day) and found something thats made you smile.. So without further ado.. here's the first of the day :)

Ever been on a diet? I sure have and this next strip is somethign anyone who has been on a diet will identify with... we've all tried cheating on our diets in ways that we wouldn't get caught or we'd not feel bad about...

So... what did u eat today?? I had a "salad" ... LOL

Ever wondered what it'd be like when one of Santa's reindeers went bad?? yeah yeah... i know.. weird question... its not something i'd ever thought of till one of my friends send this next strip to me... Take a look ...
Thats all folks.. have a great weekend ahead and I'll be back to posting new stuff monday morning .... :)

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