Monday, September 22, 2008

23rd Sept 2008

Good day to all the TWO people who actually are gonna be logging onto my blog today :) ... This one is another fave of mine... since i did a bit of woman bashing the other day, I think its only fair to bajao men as well.. me included... read the strip and u'll know exactly what I'm talking about :)

LOL... typically male right? I admit, we do over emphasise the smallest of help that we might give in the home ... !!!

And here's conclusive and mathematical proof that women/girls are evil!! Yup, u read it right... mathematical proof.. take a look

And finally, i'd like to end with a Calvin and Hobbes strip. Calvin and Hobbes is just fantastic. I think it ties in first place with Pearls B4 Swine in my all time faves. This one gives a ironic twist to suicide...

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Endless Randomness said...

Evil is right.. and since you are the one who wrote this post that makes you evil.. and since you are male, by default all male = evil :)