Tuesday, September 30, 2008

October 1st 2008

Since tomorrow is a holiday, I wont be updating the blog and so today I'll be putting up more than the usual (yay!! wooohooooo!!!! mini wave in celebration of ME!!) ... LOL ... but seriously, the feedback i'm getting about the blog is super to hear. A cousin told me yesterday that he logs on to the blog everytime he's out of a meeting and is majorly pissed off... reading the blog makes him cool down.. which I think is just the reason why I decided to start this off.. to make everyone's stress a lil less... ok... now thats the end of the sermon... lets get back to why we're here:

LOL ... OUCH!!!!
Another simple yet funny as hell strip!!

.... this one could've worked in my singns of times to come section as well... but found it a lil late.. anyhoo... i love bechara santa's expression in this one.. he's like... waaaaaaaaaattttt????

Now u know why the trans 'vs all seem to be at Mumbai's signals (now in pune as well btw) ... more scope for *showing their talents* or *showcasing themselves* .......

And finally, lets hear it for Mc'Cain .. this one's pretty much perfect with regards to the mans desperate policies to keep Obama out...

.... tttttttthhhhats all folks...... :)

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