Friday, October 17, 2008

18th October 2008

Considering we're on the run up to the US Presidential Elections, my blogs over the next couple of days are gonna be with relation to the Elections... Check them out:

This one is old but I thought it was a good one.. Guess this is why Hillary got whooped!!!

Whoever does get elected is gonna defi have a hard time with the Economy resturcturing... but I'm hoping things will get better once the Idiotic Bush is out and a sensible Obama is in!!

I love this one above... coz just like the Banks were deemed to big to fail but did, Mc'Cains low life tactics might just end up making him win the elections. I hope not... coz I think Obama would be the right choice!!!

LOL... Fantastic... just fantastic.... :)

And to wrap up.. heres one which puts the entire bush reign into a perfect nutshell .... a nutshell of a nut :)

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