Thursday, October 16, 2008

17th October 2008

Hi ... missed posting yesterday coz I had taken the day off due to a bad stomach... but I'm back today and am armed with some good stuff!! Take a look:

Jai Google!!! :) The answer to all our life's problems....
And this next one is superb as well... It delves onto the issue of changing times.. like there was a time when leaving things behind and roughing it out was going someplace that had no phones, no stores.. but the moonlight and the stars ... then it was going somewhere where there were no cell phones and u had to walk a bit and use the PCO to call.... and then its gonna come to this --->

:) ..... Jai Apple!!!

And since I've put up tech related stuff today, I cannot miss a chance to say Jai Windows can I??? So check this one out ....... Anyone who has spent time downloading so called 'critical updates' that dont do shit except for making ur machine hang ... This one is sure to ring a bell.. (Ghanta!!

hehehehehehe.... Jai Windows!!!! LOL

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