Friday, October 10, 2008

11th October 2008

Goooooood Morning... It's a beautiful Saturday morning here in Pune and the weekend is almost upon us (well, we have only sundays off so technically the weekend hasn't started yet) !! Got some great stuff to put up today so just gonna get to it:

I bet every single person who's ever used a computer must have felt like doing the above atleast once in their computer using lives :) ... i know i've felt like doing it a million times!!

Since I started off with computer bashing, thought I'd continue on the same lines thru the blog posts for today :) ...

And the last one for the day shows what over useage and dependance on Computers can do --->

F1!F1!F1! ....... F!!!

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Hey! I just wanted to tell you that I've bl;ogrolled you. I'm glad I found you. :)

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