Friday, October 31, 2008

1st November 2008

It's been a while since I uploaded the blog... Diwali break and then post Diwali getting back to work kinda left me with no time to upload the blog... but anyways... I'm back... and today I'm putting up a clooection of some really funny signs I've found while travelling.. I've posted these in my facebook album for this is for the benefit of those who don't use FB.... so.... English Anyone??????

This one was taken in Mahbaleshwar... was driving back to my hotel one night when I noticed this.. went back the next morning to get a picture... priceless .... Sitcon soup... Munchone Soup, Akha Noodles And the LALIPOP!!!! Brilliant :)

And then there is the one above which I clicked in Dxb ... Massala Tea, Disco tea and sandwitch .. and bred!!!
This one was taken by one of my friends Delna. PENT?? What the hell is a PENT??


Endless Randomness said...

LOL.. I love the first one best! Btw.. good your back.. was beginning to miss my daily dose of comic relief :)

being purple... said...

A Pent is what you wear when you want to eat Sitcon Soup with Akha noodles! :P


Like.. the back of a truck in UP heartland. Ministry of Health promo through poetry: condom kab kab? yaun sambandh ho jab jab.

Invaluable! Whatsay!?