Tuesday, October 14, 2008

15th October 2008

Some readers found some matter on my last couple of blogs a lil offensive... my sincere apologies for the same. Humour is a very subjective thing .. and one mans idea of funny may not always be the others idea of funny. So to everyone who reads my blog, take it with a pinch of salt... I'm doing this to make u smile.. not give u one more thing to think about :) ... so here goes todays stuff with relation to blogs and bloggers:

Yeah... Blogging can get quite obsessive na? Or take the case of the next one... this is what I felt the first few days of starting my blog.. heck, I'm sure every blogger feels this when he/she just starts blogging :

And what happens when you run out of material for the blog? lets just hope this doesn't happen to you ... :)

And finally.. here's to the really compulsive bloggers

For the record, I only use my laptop at the office... never at home ;)

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