Tuesday, November 4, 2008

5th November 2008

Obama wins!! What fantastic news to start the day off with!! Though it doesn't directly affect me here in India, it's good to see that the American public has made the right decision after keeping a dimwit in the white house for 8 years!!! Ok.. the serious talk is done... now for the fun part... I'm sure you must've read MAD magazine na? My fave artist from MAD was Don Martin.. he was amazingly talented and really really funny.... here is one of his pages from MAD... Truly amazing ------>

And what sound effects.... ARRARGH, YAK, RIP and RIIZEFITZ!!!! :)

And then there's Sergio ... another Brilliant Artist and mind.. here's one of his....

Genius right???

And to wrap up for the day.. here's a modern day take on the three monkeys... Bura Suno mat... Bura Dekho Mat... Bura kaho Mat.... par blog?? BINDAAS KAR!!! :)

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