Friday, November 14, 2008

15th November 2008

YAY!!! It's Saturday.. which means no waking up early tomorrow morning .... aah.. I do love my sleep!!! Allrighty then.. lets get down to what you have logged on here for (obviously not my ramblings about sunday mornings :P )

Do you think the above situation is quite common?? Yes yes, I know everyone is really busy and working their asses off.. but still... I'm not sure people these days are really busy or just pretending to be....

Two things I really liked about the one above... 1) the old ladies expression and absolut conviction when calling the white dog a racist.... 2) the poor lil black doggies expression.. that is super... awwww :)

and finally...more on the influences of computer and more so the www ....

Imagine the next few seconds in the above panel.... 1) the mom breaks the vase on the fathers head; 2) she lifts him by the collar and fligs him across the bed... or..... ???

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