Sunday, November 9, 2008

10th November 2008

Had a good weekend and literally had to drag myself to work today... !! How I wish weekends were longer than just the sole sunday :) ... ah well... aint nuttin we can do bout it but grin n bear it right? So heres some stuff that will put the grin on ur face :

I really enjoy these "when animals decide to get back" ones...

LOL!!!! Good on ya lil guy!! :)

And since so many enjoyed the weird signs post the other day, here's some that I found on the net...

The first one is ok.. but the second ... its not open coz its CLOSED!! Wah Wah!! This manager needs an award for even thinking up a sign like this.. forget actually getting it made and puttin it up!!!

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being purple... said...

Oh dude! It's like the one at Chennai which said "Child Bear and Curd Bath at rupees 10".