Wednesday, December 3, 2008

3rd December 2008

'Allo 'Allo... Let me start out by thanking Nuts for saying she enjoys my blog.... she's put that on her blog (you shud check her blog out... i follow it every day and its super) and it means the world to me...

Now.. lets get to what you logged on for huh? Here goes ----->

LOL... U should see some of the resumes people write... its like they've spent all the time in the world building themselves up.... (me included ;) )

And the one above is something everyone who has been following the news would agree with... Retarded politicos making dumb ass statements.. its like they're trying to outdo each other in a "who's the dumbest off them all" contest!!!!

And to wrap things up... a strip from Frank and Ernest... its something that everyone is gonna identify with

Stay safe.... keep Smiling.. and if u can't find a reason to... log on tomo.. i'll have a few for you :)

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